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By sue

after the final curtain

On 07, Apr 2011 | In Art, History, Selected Posts | By sue

Photographer Matt Lambros’s After the Final Curtain project is a series of photo essays exploring “the effects of years of neglect and decay in some of America’s greatest theaters.” Love the lonely, haunting, forgotten feeling of the photographs—and I hope the project will inspire renewed restoration efforts.

Proctor’s Palace Theatre in Newark:
after the final curtain-proctor's palace theatre3

after the final curtain-proctor's palace theatre2

after the final curtain-proctor's palace theatre

Loew’s Kings Theatre in Brooklyn (currently being restored as a performing arts center):
after the final curtain-loew's kings theatre

after the final curtain

The Paramount Theatre:
after the final curtain-paramount theatre

The RKO Keith’s Theatre in Flushing:
after the final curtain2

Center Theatre:
after the final curtain-center theatre

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