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By sue

enchanting, sinister illustrations by james jean

On 01, Jun 2011 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

James Jean is a giant in the world of illustration, and one of my favorite artists. He won scores of awards for his comic book art (he created stunning covers for Fables, my favorite current series) and received wide acclaim for his work with Prada.

He retired from commercial projects in 2008 to focus on painting, and has since had several gallery shows.

Jean’s aesthetic is immediately identifiable: dynamic compositions, delicate and incredibly intricate line work, ethereal creatures, fluid shapes, an often lurid physicality, and a fine balance between the wondrous and the grotesque. His work is gorgeous, enchanting, and sometimes sinister. Themes of mortality, childhood, transformation, and sensuality are interwoven in a compelling and innovative way. Some of my favorite works below; I strongly recommend checking out Jean’s website for more.



james jean-willow horse, recess horse


james jean-braid

james jean-rift procession 2009


james jean-swan 2008

james jean-rift scull 2009

james_jean-fables 78

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