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By sue

gochisosama deshita

On 08, Nov 2010 | In Selected Posts, Travel & Life | By sue

“Gochisosama deshita” is a phrase you can use to show your appreciation after a meal. It translates to “It was a feast.” And with that, I give you…more foodstuffs from Japan (oh, you thought I was done? THERE IS NO END to my Japan photos).

In Shibuya (in Tokyo), I went to Tokyu Hands, a giant 7-story lifestyle store—like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond and A.C. Moore combined. They have a whole aisle of implements for basically playing with your rice: cutting out and molding shapes, adding decorative flourishes, etc.
tokyo-food onigiri

You can have Mickey and Minnie-shaped onigiri (with varying facial expressions, no less)!
tokyo-food mickey

A bowl of salmon and tuna over rice, in Ameya-yokocho Market (or Ameyoko Market for short) near Ueno Park:
tokyo-food salmon

Saw this food boat at Meiji Shrine in Harajuku. I think it’s an offering of some sort:
tokyo-food boat

We went for nabe in Kyoto—it’s like hot pot, although our hostel owner laughed at me when I said that, so maybe not? There’s a portable stove on the table, you start by bringing some broth to boil, and then you can add the raw ingredients yourself.
kyoto-food nabe

Nishiki Food Market in Kyoto—smaller than I expected, but definitely worth a visit. Fresh seafood stalls are side by side with tea sweet vendors and artists selling prints and ceramics.
kyoto-food nishiki

I tried this octopus-on-a-stick snack at Nishiki Market. I know it looks…unfortunate, but it was really good! There’s a quail egg stuck in the octopus head.
kyoto-food octopus

Didn’t actually get to taste this one, but the name is genius.
kyoto-food potatornado

Conveyor belt sushi at Kappa in Kyoto! I had never eaten raw fish before I went to Japan (although I like eel rolls and I looove smoked salmon), and I’m really glad I tried it and had so many opportunities to eat really good sushi. Although, sad grocery store sushi is just not going to cut it anymore.
kyoto-food sushi

Our plates afterward—all of this cost $10 each, for 2 people. It was a feast!
kyoto-food sushi2

A store selling only chopsticks, glorious chopsticks. Spending $35 on a pair of chopsticks is difficult to justify, though.

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