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By sue

gorgeous and creepy literary perfume bottles

On 01, Dec 2010 | In Design, Selected Posts | By sue

This collection of men’s fragrance bottles by Ah&Oh Studio is both disturbing and beautiful. The designers, inspired by iconic authors and their works, “tried to describe the dark sides of men’s nature.” I love the fluid look of the bottles—so tactile! They were designed to evoke old glass perfume bottles and inkwells.

Each author’s bottle features the head of a character representing their most famous masterpiece. The project is solely conceptual, though—no actual fragrances have been produced. And as much as I love these, if I saw them at a guy’s apartment, I just might be a little creeped out…

Ah&Oh Studio-Scent Stories

Ah&Oh Studio-Scent Stories Orwell

Ah&Oh Studio-Scent Stories Poe

Ah&Oh Studio-Scent Stories De Sade

Ah&Oh Studio-Scent Stories Laclos

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