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By sue

more book covers by coralie bickford-smith

On 02, Apr 2011 | In Design, Selected Posts | By sue

Yesterday I posted about Coralie Bickford-Smith’s beautiful covers for Penguin’s Great Food series. Bickford-Smith has also created many other visually striking book cover designs for Penguin, from the starkly dramatic Gothic Horror collection to the cheeky, retro Boys’ Adventure series. Her work combines a clean, modern graphic design sensibility and offbeat, old-fashioned patterns and design elements.

Her covers are meticulously composed, but the end result always feels effortless. Some of my favorites:

For this collection of six F. Scott Fitzgerald books, Bickford-Smith created metallic art deco covers that are slick and nostalgic at once. Very fitting.
coralie bickford smith-f scott fitzgerald2

coralie bickford smith-f scott fitzgerald4

coralie bickford smith-f scott fitzgerald3

Bickford-Smith also designed the covers for the immensely popular Penguin Classics hardcover clothbound series. The charming, whimsical patterns designed for each book are stamped on linen cases. The first set of 10 books was released in 2008, and the collection has been growing ever since. Designsponge has a great interview with Bickford-Smith where she talks about her process and inspirations for the series.
coralie bickford smith-penguin clothbound classics

coralie bickford smith-penguin clothbound classics3

coralie bickford smith-penguin clothbound classics4

Titles from Penguin’s Gothic Horror series. Love the color scheme:
coralie bickford smith-penguin gothic horror2

coralie bickford smith-penguin gothic horror

Fun, day-glo pulpy covers from the Boys’ Adventure series:
coralie bickford smith-boys' adventure

The Arabian Nights (a three-volume set):
coralie bickford smith-arabian nights

See all of Bickford-Smith’s work at her website.

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