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star wars holiday spirit and christmas cards

On 15, Dec 2010 | In Design, Selected Posts, TV & Film | By sue

So much Star Wars Christmas awesomeness! First, Gawker posted this hilarious “Star Wars Christmas Special” video yesterday. Inspired by the video, I did a little digging, and was completely blown away by the existence of Christmas In The Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album.

One of the songs is called “What Can You Get a Wookiee for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?).” According to an Amazon review, “The album’s story takes place in a droid factory where robots trudge away at building toys year round for S. Claus. However they don’t understand the meaning of Christmas until C-3PO and R2-D2 show them how to appreciate the holiday spirit.” Am equally amazed/appalled.

star wars xmas-album

And even better, check out these Christmas cards sent by Lucasfilm over the years (full collection here):
star wars xmas card 2007

Love this take on Nighthawks:
star wars xmas card 2005

The next two are…ridiculous:
star wars xmas card 2002
star wars xmas card 2001
Brilliantly awkward:
star wars xmas card 1999
star wars xmas card 1996 lucasarts
This one might be my favorite:
star wars xmas card 1995 lucasarts
star wars xmas card 2000 lucas learning
star wars xmas card 1982
star wars xmas card 1979
This last one is from here.
star wars xmas

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