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vibrant floating paintings by joris kuipers

On 04, May 2013 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

Joris Kuipers‘ intricate, richly detailed creations combine painting, sculpture, and installation art. Trained as a painter, Kuipers applies vibrant hues and complex textures to his surfaces, sometimes applying paint directly from the tube or using spray bottles to achieve what he calls a “contemporary pointillism.”
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favorite illustrators: jen corace

On 21, Sep 2011 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

I’m simultaneously dreading the end of summer, and getting really excited for the fall. Not mutually exclusive! I get a bit emotional at the beginning of September, since I’m still wired to have those first day of school jitters and it’s weird to not be preparing for a new school year. Anyway, with all my nostalgia bubbling up and fall fast approaching, I can’t get enough of Jen Corace’s lovely paintings and illustrations right now.
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kenji hirata

On 10, Jan 2011 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

I recently came across the artwork of Kenji Hirata. I love how much Hirata is able to convey using simple shapes. The rhythmic patterns in his art evoke both nature and technology, from retro video games to futuristic worlds. What sets Hirata’s work apart, for me, is that it’s never too slick: It’s bold and visually appealing, but always retains a sense of playfulness.
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