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By sue

tsukiji fish market

On 14, Nov 2010 | In Selected Posts, Travel & Life | By sue

Okay, last Japan food post—after this, all I have left to post are random snapshots. Plus, I bought a megapack of butter at BJ’s yesterday – Thanksgiving baking is so on. Anyway. In a decidedly different category of food, Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

I was too lazy to get up at 3am to see the tuna auction, but I showed up to the market around 10:30 and there was still plenty to see (and eat). Some choice tuna cuts from that morning’s auction in a display case:
tokyo-tsukiji tuna

As I was strolling along and enjoying the free samples, one woman offered me a toothpick and I glanced over at the signs on her table…whale meat. Kind of awkward. I mean, I don’t think eating whale is as ethically problematic as dolphin hunting (if at all), but still. Even more awkward: it was really good.
tokyo-tsukiji whale meat

The color/spikiness of these crabs is awesome:
tokyo-tsukiji crabs

Sort of expected these arms to start moving:
tokyo-tsukiji squid

Fish version of a turducken? Big fish eating small fish eating shrimp?
tokyo-tsukiji fish

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