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vibrant floating paintings by joris kuipers

On 04, May 2013 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

Joris Kuipers‘ intricate, richly detailed creations combine painting, sculpture, and installation art. Trained as a painter, Kuipers applies vibrant hues and complex textures to his surfaces, sometimes applying paint directly from the tube or using spray bottles to achieve what he calls a “contemporary pointillism.”
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mike kelley’s “kandors” glass art

On 01, Apr 2011 | In Art, Selected Posts | By sue

Artist Mike Kelley’s new book “Kandors” chronicles his decade of work creating and recreating images of Kandor. Kandor, for non-Superman fans (that includes me—Batman forever!), is the former Kryptonian capital, shrunk and placed in a bell jar by a villain. Inspired by this story, Kelley creates installations using colorful hand-blown glass bottles and bell jars.
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glass art by the crystal chain gang

On 01, Nov 2010 | In Art, Design, Selected Posts | By sue

I saw the Crystal Chain Gang featured on Designsponge last week and was blown away by their gorgeous work. I love unique glass art, and the colors and detail in these pieces are amazing. The projects are also based around really interesting concepts and stories.
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